Most individuals are sorely lacking in the vitamins and minerals their bodies desperately need. Processed foods and always-on-the-go lifestyles make it difficult to shop for and make the right meals for you and your family.  Due to the way our food is processed, pesticides on our food and our exposure to exhaust fumes, second hand smoke, and cleaning product fumes, our bodies are not readily absorbing nutrients due to the breakdown of our villi.  The villi are small finger-like hairs located in our small intestine. Their job is to absorb the nutrients from our food and disperse them throughout our body.  Because we are not absorbing all of our nutrients, it leaves us feeling fatigued later in the afternoon and early evening making it difficult to be effective in completing our daily tasks.

Although we are a nutrition club and not a retail store, we provide delicious, nutritious food that feeds your body at the cellular level which, in turn, you feel the difference (or vibe as we call it) within a short period of time after consumption.  Ask us about our club memberships. Talk with us about how we can coach you to optimal nutrition levels.

Have a particular health concern, such as acid reflux? Make sure to mention it to us. We can point you in the right direction.

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